Shami Plant Care Tips

Shami Plant is a sacred plant that is acknowledged for wealth, happiness, and peace. This salubrious plant is used in various medicines to treat ulcers and stomach problems. Every living thing is contrasting or different in nature from each other and the same is the case with plants. Every plant is particular and seeks specified care or maintenance for blooming growth.

In this detailed article, each and every fact or question regarding the Shami plant would be explained or answered respectively.

❖ Life Span of Shami Plant

This perennial plant, if nurtured properly, would sustain for years and years.

❖ Season of Shami Plant

    • It is a typical summer plant and grows best during February – October.
    • During winters, it should be kept in a shaded area to preserve it from cold waves and rainwater.

❖ Characteristics of Shami Plant

    • It has small leaves.
    • Stems and branches come along with the thorns.
    • During the evening, it bows down its leaves.
    • It should be kept in a holy place.
    • It is an outdoor plant, keep it in direct sunlight where sunlight comes for at least 3-4 hours.
    • When scorching heat prevails, place it under the shade or green net.

❖ Pot size for Shami Plant

    • Big-size clay pots are recommended for the Shami plant. In big size pots, Shami plants would grow and spread fastly.

❖ Soil Mixture for Shami Plant

1) Garden Soil – Take normal garden soil. Clean it and remove all the debris (glass pieces, plastic, termites, or any dry roots) from it.

2) Compost – Take compost in half the quantity of soil.

3) Cocopeat – Half Of the Compost.

4) Sand – Same Quantity of coco peat.

5) Neem Cake Powder (Optional) – Add a little to prevent fungus, insects, diseases, or root rot.

6) Cinnamon Powder ( optional) – Add a few pinches to prevent insects and fungus.

Mix all these together to make a perfect soil mixture for Shami Plant.

❖ Repotting of Shami Plant

    • After buying it from the nursery, wait for 2-3 days to repot it.
    • Shift it to a new pot only when the plant has adapted to the new environment and is not under any stress.
    • Give ample water after repotting and keep it in a shaded area only for the next 2-3 days.
    • Afterward, start showing some sunlight to it gradually.

❖ Watering for Shami Plant

This soil mixture and clay pot will maintain the perfect balance of water in the Soil. So give water when the top soil is dry by loosening the soil.

  • Keep on giving water till the water starts coming out from the bottom hole.
  • This strong plant is very hardy, it does not get affected by 1-2 instances of over-watering or under-watering. Though, overwatering should be avoided.

❖ Hard Pruning of Shami Plant

    • If by chance, the plant undergoes stress, especially during winters, do hard pruning and the plant will survive again.
    • It is recommended at the time of February only, not during the monsoon season.

❖ Fertiliser for Shami Plant


This plant should not be fed by any chemicals like NPK, Epsom Salt, DAP, or Urea.

  • Not even strong fertilizers like banana peel fertilizer or seaweed fertilizer.
  • Mustard cake liquid fertilizer should be given during March, only in diluted form.

Suggested Fertilisers –

1) CowDung Liquid Fertiliser

Take 1 mug of cow dung liquid tonic and dilute it with 10 times tap water. After mixing, give it to the Shami Plant.

2) Vermicompost Tea

Take Vermicompost in small quantities and soak it in water for 24 hours. Take the upper layer of this solution and mix it with 4 times more water. Give it to your plant.

  • Always make sure that the top soil is dry before giving the fertilizer otherwise it would not be able to absorb the nutrient of fertilizer.
  • Loose the soil before giving fertilizers.
  • Give any fertilizer from these two once a month for the booming growth of the plant.

❖ Pruning of Shami Plant

No matter how much fertilizers are given or kept in sunlight, this plant would not show proper growth if pruning is not done on time.

    • From March till October, keep on doing soft pruning with pruners or scissors. Every 15 days, cut the tips of the plant, and more new branches will come out.

❖ Pest Protection for Shami Plant

Though Shami plants do not get easily infected but sometimes surrounding plants are infected by mealybugs or aphids then this plant might also get infected by pests.

    • To prevent pest attacks, spray the neem leaves solution on it once a week.
    • If already affected by pests then use neem oil to remove the pests.

This was the complete care of the Shami Plant from the small plant (nursery) to the big, bushy, or blooming plant (at your home).

Enjoy Gardening!!

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