Types of Pots for Plants

Whenever we think of planting at home, the first thing that comes to our mind is the pot. Pots are a very basic need for making a garden at home. In the running scenario, there is a huge variety of available types of pots. Plants can grow in any type of pot, but we need to do contrasting efforts with each type of pot. Each variety has its own merits and demerits.

So, let’s discuss different types of pots in detail.


Different Types Of Pots :


Clay Pots
  • Clay pots are the best pots for the health of plants because the air passes through these pots and the roots of the plant get enough oxygen from the air which enters the pot from the atmosphere. Moreover, we all know that oxygen plays a very big role in the process of respiration.
  • Clay pots absorb water quickly. If there is overwatering in the plant then excess water may get shed through the drainage hole beneath the pot but at the same time, the soil also becomes wet and muddy which will take time to get dry. So, in that case, clay pots are the best option because clay pots absorb excess moisture from the soil also.
  • Sometimes you must have noticed that soil gets fungus and green moss at the surface of the soil inside the pot, this is actually very rare in clay pots and very much common in all other pots.

Demerits of Clay pots

  • Clay pots have only one demerit that they are very delicate and can break as they get pitched.
  • In fact, after some time their outer older layer starts falling apart automatically.


Cement Pots
  • Cement pots are really very strong with a life span of 4-5 years.
  • They absorb water but not as much as clay pots.
  • They do not pass air inside the soil so we need to be very regular with the loosening process of the soil.
  • Plants grow very properly in cement pots but these pots are very heavy in weight, you cannot shift them easily. Sometimes the weather ( might be too sunny or rainy) is not in the favor of plants and we need to do shifting of the plants, let’s say maybe from the balcony to inside the house or from anywhere, in that case, it becomes a very tedious job.
  • Plus, we give water to the plants that contain water-soluble salt, cement pots absorb the water but that salt gets accumulated on the surface of the pot and it does not look appealing. Although this salt can be removed easily.

Demerits of Cement pots

Cement pots are not very fascinating. They are simple and regular pots.


Ceramic Pots
  • Ceramic pots are very much captivating and attractive, they can be used for indoor plants as well as outdoor plants and can work as decor items also for your place.
  • These pots neither absorb water nor pass the air through the soil. So you need to be careful while choosing plants for these pots.
  • You need to give accurate water to the plant and regular loosening of the soil is needed.
  • Generally, Indoor plants are the best option for these plants because indoor plants can survive in adverse conditions also.

Demerits of Ceramic pots

  • They are also very heavy like cement pots but not as delicate as clay. But if dropped, they might also get cracked.
  • Ceramic pots are expensive pots.


Plastic Pots
  • Plastic pots do not absorb water and air also won’t get passed through the surface of the pot.
  • But we can make holes at the bottom of the plastic pot to get drainage holes and at the sides of the pot also, so that air gets passed through the soil.
  • In plastic pots also, we need to loosen the soil at regular intervals. Plus we need to check the condition of the soil also before giving water to it.
  • Plastic pots are lightweight and inexpensive and they do not break if they fall. Plus you can decorate them, paint them according to your need.
  • If you keep them in moderate sunlight, where sun rays are coming for 5-6 hours, then they will work fine. If you keep them in sunlight for a longer duration, let’s say for 10-11 hours, then they heat up and will also heat up the roots of the plants. In that case, plants will get spoiled.

Demerits of Plastic pots

  • They get cracks after some time and become brittle but they are inexpensive so you can use them.

If you want beautiful, knick-knack pots then go for ceramic and plastic pots. If you want healthy plants then opt for clay and cement pots.

Flower pot on a white background

This was all about types of pots.

Choose wisely!!!

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