How to Care & Save Rose Plant?

Roses are attention-seeker and cautious plants. They love to be loved and pampered throughout the year. Being delicate flowers it is essential to understand their behavior and requirements before planting them at home. So, before planting, let’s first understand how to care for and save this plant after getting it from the nursery. What are …

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Harshringar Plant Complete care

Harshringar, known by many names like Parijata, Night-flowering jasmine, Shiuli, or Shefali is a tree, which has appealing flowers of orange and white colors. It can be grown in medium-sized pots to fetch beautiful and aromatic flowers. Harshringar is a holy plant with lots of benefits. People worship this plant and also offer it to …

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Gardening in Monsoon Season

Plants behave differently in different seasons. Each season has its pros and cons for the growth of the plants. The rainy season is the most beautiful and pleasing season for us as well as for the plants because plants grow very fast compared to other seasons. , still, we need to be particular at some …

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Best Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are thriving very much nowadays mainly used for giving positivity, and freshness, glorifying the different corners of homes, workplaces, and offices. Luckily! we can keep some plants with us inside the house, even in the bedrooms. Neither we will have any problem nor those plants will have any problems. All about Indoor Plants …

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