How to revive a  rotted Snake Plant?

Snake plant is a hardy, low maintenance plant and easy to care plant.

Here are some tips to revive your rotted Snake plant:

The biggest reason for the root rot of Snake plant is most of the time is overwatering. So, stop watering immediately.

1. Stop Watering

2.  Remove infected parts

If you have a snake plant whose leaves started decaying then first of all remove all the infected parts which are rotting.

Cut away rotten and damaged areas with sharp scissors and pruner.

3. Use Fungicide or Cinnamon Powder

Spray cinnamon powder or fungicide on the cut to prevent fungi from growing.

4. Repot Your Snake Plant

Repot your Snake plant in a sandy soil mixture. Always prefer small pots for Snake plant.

5. Keep in a bright or indirect light

Now, keep it in any      corner where there is a medium or bright light (not in direct sunlight).

6. Do not feed any      fertilizer or water

 At this stage, avoid      giving any fertilizer and water.

7. Do not disturbed for some days

 Just keep it for some      days undisturbed and it will start recovering on its own.

By following these tips, you can recover your rotted Snake plant.