Best Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are thriving very much nowadays mainly used for giving positivity, and freshness, glorifying the different corners of homes, workplaces, and offices.

Luckily! we can keep some plants with us inside the house, even in the bedrooms.

Neither we will have any problem nor those plants will have any problems.

All about Indoor Plants

❖ Indoor plants absorb pollutants and all the harmful chemicals from the air.

❖ They reduce stress. Moreover, physically or psychologically they are also good for health.

❖ Most of the indoor plants are those plants that were lying under the trees in dense forests without any direct sunlight or water. They were growing on their own.

❖ Plants which were very beautiful and attractive, people got them from the forests to their homes. Later on in the research also they won the battle and proved beneficial for the health of human beings.

❖ So, by nature these plants do not need any direct sunlight or care. If you provide some direct sunlight it is good, if you can not provide it, it is ok for them.

❖ The biggest reason for the non-survival of indoor plants is overcared. They need the least care and maintenance.

❖ Steadily available in variable sizes.

Some of the small size indoor plants are amplified over here:


Snake plant

● They are called Snake plants due to their appearance.

●They are the best air purifier and oxygen-ceding plants.

● It can be kept in bright, medium, or low light.

●Give water when the soil inside is completely dry. Ideally, a gap of 7-8 days can be maintained in giving water.

● Its roots are very small, if the soil stays wet for a longer duration then the roots may lose their grip and its leaves might start shedding down.

Overwatering is the main cause of the deterioration of this plant. Prevent leaves also from becoming wet.

● Its growing medium consists of normal garden soil and sand, little mustard cake fertilizer can also be added.

● Coco peat is not required because this plant does not need much water.



● This beautiful plant stays best in bright or medium light. In direct strong sunlight, it goes under stress.

● Optimum water is needed by this one. Over-watering is the biggest reason, it starts rotting.

● Give water when the soil is completely dry. Some water can be sprayed on the leaves also to remove the dust from them.

● For its growing medium, normal soil, compost with sand, and topped with cocopeat can be opted for.

● Leaves and stems are very delicate, so try to use a spray bottle to give water and to prevent over-watering also.

3) GOLDEN MONEY PLANT ( Golden Pothos)

Money plant

● The leaves of this one are yellowish which differentiates them from other Pothos (money plants).

● They look beautiful when kept in bright or medium light.

● If kept in direct sunlight, then leaves will start turning dark in the shade.

● In comparison to other indoor plants, they need a little more water. Neither over-watering nor under-watering is allowed here. Check the soil every 3-4 days and give water if the topsoil looks dry.

● In the growing medium, take normal soil, and a little bit of compost with sand.



● This indoor plant bears flowers but without any sunlight.

● This plant loves early morning sunlight otherwise do not place it in direct sunlight.

● Give water when the soil is dry.

● Mix sand and soil in a growing medium. Do not add coco peat.



● This pretty plant comes in various colors.

● It grows very easily and can be kept in any corner where there is a bright, medium or low light.

● There should be some moisture in its soil. Check the soil every 3-4 days and give water followed by the spray.

● In the growing medium, keep the soil mixed with sand. Coco peat is not required here.

Some common key points of Indoor Plants

➔ All these indoor plants need fertilizers in the interval of 2 months. Any fertilizer can be given like cow dung, mustard cake, vermicompost, or any other.

➔ These plants grow very slowly except Pothos, so there is no need to change the pots for a year.

➔ Some of them emit carbon dioxide during the night but they would not affect the health of human beings as it is too less in quantity.

➔ There is no impact of room lights on these plants.

This is all about Indoor plants.

Happy Gardening!


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