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This channel is for all plant lovers and it will inspire you to grow indoor plants, vegetables, and flowers by yourself in a container at home.

 My objective is to guide and spread awareness among people when they are
stuck while dealing with plants. I have been doing all types of container
gardening since 2016 and started a YouTube channel (Voice of plant) in 2020.
Like me, you all are going to love your plants.

Our Team

  • Sudeepti Bajpai is the founder of the popular YouTube channel “Voice of Plant”
  • Makes people aware of gardening and the environment.
  • Followed by over 1 million people across various social media platforms.


  • Have more than 10+ years of experience in training and mentoring students.
  • Experienced Content writer, Creative writer with a comprehensive background of 5+ years of writing and publishing articles.
  • Edtech & Startup professional, Skilled in Program, Project and Community Management.


  • Dimpy is a Btech Graduate in computer science.
  • Content & creative writer (poetry) by passion.
  • Working as a freelancer in content writing (articles, blogging, technical writing, non technical blogspot).


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