Eco-friendly Plantable Seeds Pen

Plantable eco pens are environment-friendly and biodegradable pens. It decomposes very easily in the soil without affecting nature. These pens hold seeds inside them. After using when ink is finished, entomb them inside the soil and new plants will come out.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages of these plantable eco seeds pens.

  • Why do we need them?
  • What is the cost of these pens?
  • Are they working like normal pens?
  • How to plant them and many more.

So, keep reading.

Why do we need eco-friendly pens?


When we already have a wide range of plastic pens in the market, what is the point of switching to them?

  • Plastic is a curse to the environment because of its non-biodegradable nature and every year in factories tons of plastic are used to produce pens.
  • If we can replace plastic pens with these ecological pens, then it would be a highly appreciable contribution towards green and clean nature.
  • Sometimes small – small steps can make big changes.

“Let’s start writing our future with Green Pens”

Features of Biodegradable Pen 

  • They are easily available online or in the market.
  • These pens come in biodegradable boxes.
  • Almost all the seed pens are available. Like the tomato, lady finger, chilly, brinjal, and many others.
  • Only the nib and pen cap’s top are made up of plastic, the rest 80% material is ecological.
  • Seeds are stored at the bottom side of the pen. They are enclosed in starch-named material, not in plastic.
  • Starch is a degradable element.
  • These pens work like normal pens, with a smooth flow of writing. They are available in different colors like blue, and black. In schools, colleges or they can be used everywhere.

Generally, biodegradable things come a little bit costly in comparison to plastics but they are worth their cost. Many people love eco-friendly stuff, for them, it is a perfect gift or a gesture of love.

How to plant your Plantable Eco Pens?

  • When the ink is finished, it cannot be refilled again. So after using them, bury them inside the soil in the pot at an elevation of around 45 degrees.
  • The starch side containing seeds will go inside the soil and starch will get dissolved in water. After a few days, a new plant will come out.
  1. Different plantable stationery items like paper and pencils are available in the market.
  2. All the plantable items have seeds in them.

Buy them, use them, plant them, and present them to more people to spread more awareness. Actions taken at an individual level are more fruitful and effective.

Love your nature and save it for the future!!!

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