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Fertilizer for Money Plant (Pothos)

Money plants also known as Pothos, can benefit significantly from occasional fertilization, especially during their active growing season, which typically spans from spring to fall. Proper fertilization provides them with essential nutrients to promote vigorous growth and lush foliage. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the importance of fertilizing your money …

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vermicompost tea

How to make Vermicompost tea? Benefits & Uses

Vermicompost is an organic and most powerful compost made up of earthworms.┬áToday, Vermicompost is widely used by many gardeners and farmers in gardening activities. Vermicompost is also known as earthworm manure. It is a natural process in which earthworms consume the remains of organic matter such as plants and fruit and converts them into nutrient-rich …

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