How to repot a Rose plant?

rose plant repotting

Repotting is the process of transplanting a plant from one pot to another.

Why should you repot a rose plant?

rose flower
rose plant

The main objective behind repotting the plant is:

  • to provide more space to grow,
  • to avoid root-bound,
  • to provide better soil conditions,
  • to provide adequate supply of nutrients for healthy growth,
  • to ensure the plant’s continued health and well-being.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of repotting new rose plant, ensuring that it thrives in its new pot.

When to repot a rose plant?

rose plant in pot
rose plant in pot

The best time to repot your new rose plant to a bigger pot is in early autumn during October month. If you received a potted rose as a gift or you bought one, and its roots are coming out of the pot or it feels unstable, it is time to repot it.

Steps to follow before repotting a rose plant

rose plant in clay pot
rose plant in clay pot

1. When you bring the plant home, don’t put it in direct sunlight for the first two days to prevent it from getting sunburned.

2. Make sure it is not kept in a dark place, look for a bright place to keep it.

3. After two days, if the plant looks healthy, you can place it in the sun and water it when the top soil dries.

4. If the plant still looks good after five days, it’s ready for a new pot.

5. Only transplant your rose plant in the evening.

6. Roses don’t like clayey soil, so use the right soil mixture.

What is needed for repotting?

1. New pot: Select a pot that is at least 2-3 inches larger in diameter than the current pot. Ensure it has drainage holes at the bottom.

2. Fresh soil mixture: Use good soil mixture which is prepared for roses or other flowering plants.

3. Gloves: Rose plants have thorns, so protect your hands with gloves.

4. Watering can: To water the plant once it is in its new pot.

5. Pruner: To trim roots and prune the leaves of the plant if needed. 

Steps to repot rose plant:

1. Remove the plastic: If the plant is in plastic bag, first, remove the plastic covering and soil from the roots.


1. Remove the rose plant from its current pot: If the plant is in old pot, gently tap the pot to loosen the root ball. 

2. Immerse the roots of the rose in water: After removing, immerse the roots of the rose in water, so that the remaining soil also gets removed in the water.

3. Trim if needed: Check the roots for any damaged parts and trim them if needed to help the roots grow well.

4. Fill new pot with soil: Always use clay pot. Fill the new pot with the right soil mixture, after covering the bottom hole with any newspaper.

soil mix
soil mix

5. Place the rose in the new pot: Put the plant in the new pot and press the soil gently so it stays in place. Add more soil, pressing it down gently to remove air gaps.

6. Water thoroughly: Water it well but in installments, until you see water draining from the bottom hole. 

watering to rose plant
watering to rose plant

7. Keep rose plant in a shade: Now, keep the plant in the shade for two more days.

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Repotting your rose plant is important to help it stay healthy and beautiful. With the right tools and a little care, you can give your rose the space it needs to grow and thrive. Doing this regularly, along with proper care, will reward you with a beautiful, fragrant rose that will brighten your garden for years to come.

Plant it! Love It !

Happy gardening !

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