How to make Well Drained Soil

well drained soil

If it is raining a lot, and we cannot shift our plants indoors, then our plants can get spoiled due to overwatering. Here is a piece of very important information, if the soil in the pot has become soggy.

well-drained soil

Soil Testing:

First of all, check whether the soil is well-drained or not. Give water to the soil slowly,

well-drained soil
  • If the soil is absorbing the water immediately then the soil is well-drained soil.
  • If water is standing on the surface of the soil, then we ought to make this soil well drained.

How to make soil well drained:

    • To make the soil well-drained, loosen the soil inside the pot as deep as possible without disturbing the plants and roots of plants.
best soil
    • Take out this loosened soil from the pot and add the sand to the soil.
    • After adding some sand try to bind the soil from your hand, if it is still binding then add more sand.
well-drained soil

We need to keep on adding sand till the point soil will not get binded by the hand. It should gain a friable texture. In this way, we convert clay soil into well-drained soil.

    • Then fill the pot again with this modified soil.

In this way, we can save our potted plants in the rain.

Happy Gardening!

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