Outdoor plants

Find tips here for caring for outdoor plants, including guidance on watering, soil mixture, fertilizers, and more.

Harshringar Plant Complete care

Harshringar, known by many names like Parijata, Night-flowering jasmine, Shiuli, or Shefali is a tree, which has appealing flowers of orange and white colors. It can be grown in medium-sized pots to fetch beautiful and aromatic flowers. Harshringar is a holy plant with lots of benefits. People worship this plant and also offer it to …

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Shami Plant Care Tips

Shami Plant is a sacred plant that is acknowledged for wealth, happiness, and peace. This salubrious plant is used in various medicines to treat ulcers and stomach problems. Every living thing is contrasting or different in nature from each other and the same is the case with plants. Every plant is particular and seeks specified …

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