Top 5 Indoor Plants

1. Snake Plant 2. ZZ Plant 3. Areca Palm 4. Aglaonema 5. Syngonium

1. Best air purifier plants. 2. They reduce stress and 3. Decorate our home as well.


1. Also known as Sansevieria or the mother-in-law tongue plant. 2. Best hardy indoor plant. 3. Grows well in bright, medium, or low light.

Snake Plant

ZZ  Plant

1. Very hardy indoor plant. 2. It comes in two varieties: green and black. 3. It thrives in bright or medium light low light.

Areca  Palm Plant

1. Grows well in bright light. 2. Avoid direct harsh sunlight. 3. It likes moisture, keep its soil moist.


1. Commonly known varieties are Lipstick or Chinese Evergreen. 2. Ideal for small spaces. 3. Grow best in bright or medium light.


1. Very hardy, can multiply easily. 2. Available in green, white, yellow, and baby pink. 3. Grows well in bright, medium or low light conditions.