Know About Neem Cake Organic Fertilizer

1.  Neem cake fertilizer acts as a blessing for plants.

2.  This fertilizer is made by drying the neem seeds known as Kernels.

3.  It is completely natural, pure, and the best fertilizer for plants.

4.  It works as a fertilizer as well as pesticide.

5.  It improves the texture and quality of the soil.

6.  It can be used for every plant.

7.  It is non-toxic for bees and useful insects.

8.  For using it you can mix the neem cake directly in the soil.

9.  Also, you can mix the neem cake fertilizer with the water and keep it for 24-48 hours to get liquid tonic.

10.  For tonic mix this solution with water, before giving it to the plants.

Using organic Neem Cake fertilizer in your garden not only promotes healthy plant growth but also helps prevent pests in the soil.