Where to Keep  Croton Plant at home

New gardeners and plant lover often face uncertainty when deciding where to place their Croton plant at home.

Placing a croton plant in the right location is important for its healthy growth and overall development.

To ensure healthy growth of a croton plant consider the following placement tips:

1.Croton thrive in bright ight. Keep your plant in a place where it can receive ample bright light.

2. Protect from harsh Sunlight It is essential to protect Croton plant from harsh direct sunlight, which can scorch the leaves.

Intense afternoon sunlight can cause sunburn, dry out the soil, and dehydrate the plant.

3. Outdoor placement If a croton is kept outdoors, make sure it receives direct sunlight for 2 to 3 hours and is placed under partial shade.

5. Can we keep a croton indoors? No, crotons thrive in bright light and will struggle to survive if they don't receive enough light indoors.

Avoid placing your croton in low-light conditions, as it will stunt the plant's growth.

5. Humidity  Croton plant love humidity.

Misting the plant regularly can also help maintain the necessary humidity levels.

How Bright Sunlight helps  Croton plant grow

1. Vibrant Colors: The bright light encourages the development of the croton's vibrant, colorful foliage.

2. Healthy Growth Adequate sunlight supports overall healthy growth, making the plant more robust and less susceptible to diseases and pests.

Pic credit:  Pinterest

3. Compact Form Crotons in bright light grow compact and bushy, while those in low light become leggy and sparse.

4. Enhanced Photosynthesis Croton plants require bright light to carry out photosynthesis effectively.

With the right location, temperature, humidity, and care, your croton will thrive and display vibrant foliage.