Watering Tips for  Healthy Tulsi Plant

Tulsi plants require adequate care, especially when it comes to watering.

Unlike some other plants, Tulsi prefers slightly drier conditions

A simple and effective method to assess if your Tulsi plant needs watering is the touch test.

Simply touch the soil’s surface. – If it feels dry to the touch, it is time to water.

Before watering, loosen the soil around the Tulsi plant, ideally up to 2-3 inches deep.

Water deeply until it begins to come out of the pot's drainage holes.

Avoid overwatering. Overwatering can suffocate the roots and lead to fungal diseases.

Ensure your Tulsi plant receives adequate sunlight, preferably 4-5 hours a day.

Monitor the temperature as Tulsi thrives in warm conditions but can suffer in extreme heat.

By understanding its needs and following these watering tips, your Tulsi plant will thrive, blessing your home with beauty and benefits.