Top 9 Flowers to Grow at Home

Know about 9 permanent flowering plants that are; - very beautiful, - very hardy, - easy to care, - also have medicicnal benefits.

1. Hibiscus

- comes in different colours, - medicinal, auspicious and - very hardy plant.

2. Portulaca  (Moss rose)

- also known as 9'o clock, - easy to care, - can be grown in small and hanging pot, - survives in winter also.

3. Vinca (Sadabahar)

- comes in different colours, - it is a medicinal plant, - can be grown in medium size pot.

4. Bougainvillea

- can survive in harsh sunlight, - best for boundaries, - comes in different colours. - flowers are more than leaves.

5. Jasmine (Mogra)

-  it is a fragnant, sacred and medicinal plant, - its flowers widely used in cosmetic industry.

6. Clitoria (Aprajita)

- very lucky, sacred and medicinal plant, - people make tea from its flowers, - it is a climber plant.

7. Night Jasmine (Parijat)

- very lucky, aromatic, medicinal and sacred plant, - it's flowers bloom in night and falls in the morning.

8. Chrysanthemum    (Guldavari)

- comes in different colours, sizes and varities - blooming starts from autumn season, - grows through out the year.

9. Rose

- very beautiful, aromatic, lucky and auspicious plant - widely used in cosmetic and food industries.