Top 7 Hanging Plants for Summer Garden

Adding hanging plants to your summer garden brings lush greenery and vibrant colors to your outdoor space.

1. Pothos (Money Plant)

Ideal for hanging pots, thrives in indirect light.  Water sparingly, only when the soil is nearly dry.

Looks fantastic when planted in hanging pots. Best suited for direct sunlight. 

2. Jade Plant

Looks beautiful in a hanging pot with vibrant cup-shaped flowers. Thrives in full sunlight.

3. Portulaca

4. Purple Heart

It can also be planted in hanging pots and prefers bright, indirect light.

5. Boston Fern

Ideal for hanging pots with graceful, arching fronds. Requires bright light.

Suitable for hanging pots. Large, glossy leaves. Needs bright light. 

6. Monstera

7. Wandering Jew 

Ideal for hanging pots. Features colorful, striped leaves. Prefers direct and bright light.

So, this summer, bring these plants home and enhance the beauty of your garden.