Tips to Care  Syngonium plant

Syngonium plant thrive indoor and outdoor with minimal care, flourishing especially during summer.

1.  Light Requirement

This resilient plant thrives in bright and medium light conditions.

2.  Watering Tips

Give water when soil looks dry. Avoid overwatering.

3.  Temperature

Syngonium thrives in temperatures ranging from 60-80°F (15-27°C).

4.   Pruning

Trim leggy or discolored stems and remove dead or yellowing leaves promptly for bushier growth.

Easily propagate Syngoniums by cutting stems below nodes and placing them in water or moist soil until roots form.

5.  Propagation

6.  Support

Support climbing Syngonium varieties with a trellis or moss pole for upright growth.

A light, airy soil mix is ideal for Syngonium plants to thrive.

7.  Soil Mix

8.  Pot Type

Use a lightweight pot like plastic or ceramic. Avoid pots that are too large.

9.  Fertilizer

Feed Syngonium with diluted seaweed liquid fertilizer every 45 to 60 days.

Don't wait! Plant this beautiful Syngonium and make your home vibrant and joyful.