Onion Peel Liquid Fertilizer Benefits for Plants

What is Onion Peel Fertilizer?

It is created by utilizing the nutrient-rich properties found in onion skins.

Benefits of Onion Peel Fertilizer

Onion peel liquid fertilizer offers several benefits for plants and gardens.

                   1.  It is an organic & eco-friendly fertilizer.

                   2.  It promotes plant growth.

                   3.  Can be given to flowering plants.

                   4.  Can be given to outdoor plants.

                   5.  Can be given to herbs & vegetables plants.

                   6.  Can be given to all indoor plants.

                   7.  Can be given to small seedlings.

How to use Onion Peel Liquid Fertilizer?

It can be applied as a foliar spray on plants.

It can be applied directly to the soil as well.

For Outdoor Plants: Give once in a month.

For Indoor Plants: Feed once every 2 months.

Overall, onion peel liquid fertilizer offers an economical, eco-friendly, and effective way to nourish plants and promote thriving gardens.