Aprajita Plant  Care Tips

Aprajita, also known as Neelkanth, Vishnukanta, Clitoria ternatea or butterfly pea, is a beautiful flowering plant.

It holds sacred significance and is valued in herbal Ayurvedic practices, often brewed into herbal tea.

With its beautiful flowers available in four colors and varieties ranging from single to double petals, Aprajita adds charm to any garden.

Here are some tips to care for Aprajita:

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1. Sunlight

Aprajita thrives in full sunlight. Ensure it receives at least 5-6 hours of sunlight daily.

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2. Soil

Plant Aprajita in well-draining soil enriched with organic matter

3. Temperature

Aprajita thrives in temperatures between 15°C-35°C) but may stress during winter. 

4. Watering

Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged.

Water whenever the top inch of soil feels dry, especially during hot weather.

5. Pot 

Aprajita prefers a clay pot with a diameter of around 12 inches to accommodate its root system.

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6. Pruning

Regular pruning promotes more growth and flowering, especially from the top.

7. Support

Support the Aparajita plant with a trellis or stake to help it grow upright.

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8. Fertilizer

Give fertilizer once a month with compost or liquid fertilizer enriched with seaweed or cow dung liquid or vermicompost tea. 

9. During flowering time

For consistent flowering, using banana peel and onion peel fertilizer can be beneficial.

10. Pests and Diseases

To combat pests like aphids, use a solution of neem oil.

11. Avoid frequent shifting

Avoid frequent shifting of the plant, as it prefers stability in its environment.

Aprajita flowers produce seeds that you can use to grow more plants.

Aprajita is easy to grow from seeds. If you don't have seeds, you can buy plants from a nursery.

By adhering to these care practices, you can enjoy the beauty and benefits of Aprajita in your garden.

Aprajita offers more than just beautiful flowers; it has several benefits. Bring it into your home and enjoy gardening.

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