How to Repot a Plant

Children and plants both are the purest gifts of nature. If you will love them they will love you back. More care and affection you shower on them, the happier they will grow up. When a child comes out from the mother’s womb, she needs all caution and protection to stay healthy and to adapt …

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Pruning of Plants

Just as plants need fertilizer and water from time to time, in the same way, pruning of the plant is also necessary from time to time. By doing so, plants and trees plants become more alive and healthy. What is the pruning of the plants? What is the right time to do the pruning of …

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Best Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are thriving very much nowadays mainly used for giving positivity, and freshness, glorifying the different corners of homes, workplaces, and offices. Luckily! we can keep some plants with us inside the house, even in the bedrooms. Neither we will have any problem nor those plants will have any problems. All about Indoor Plants …

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